Cytological Study of the Hypophysis Pars Anterior of the Indian Emballonurid Bat Taphozous kachhensis (Dobson)


  • Institute of Science, Department of Zoology, Nagpur, 440001, India


The anterior pituitary gland (pars anterior) of the bat Taphozous kachhensis was examined cytochemically by employing several cytochemical staining techniques. Six cell types could be recognized, on the basis of their morphological characteristics and tinctorial properties, viz., two types of non-mucoid (acidophilic) STH and LTH, and three types of mucoid (basophilic) TSH, FSH and LH cells; the sixth, ACTH cells, were amphophilic. The cells are arranged in follicles or acini, separated from each other by a thin layer of connective tissue. The non-mucoid cells are much more concentrated in the postero-lateral and postero-median regions of the pars distalis. ACTH and TSH cells are mostly localised in large numbers in the peripheral region of the pars distalis. FSH cells are concentrated towards the antero-lateral, anterior and median regions. LH cells are distributed throughout the pars anterior but are more abundant towards the posterior and lateral regions. The probable role of these cell types in the physiology of reproduction of this bat is discussed.


Anterior Pituitary Gland, Bat, Cytochemistry, Reproductive Cycle.

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