Benedict Martin Joseph Pereira (1957-2008): A Tribute


  • University of Madras, SRBCE, Department of Endocrinology, Chennai, 600113, India


It is with deep sense of sorrow I pen this obituary for Professor Ben M.J. Pereira, my bench- mate at the Department of Endocrinology, University of Madras, while doing our Ph.D. programme under the supervision of Prof. P. Govindarajulu during the period 1978-1983. Ben (that is how we call him affectionately), the youngest among the research scholars then, and loved by everyone, was always seen with a smiling face. Ben's presence made any gathering live and enjoyable, eased out tensions and strengthened bonds among the members. The famous "7'O clock idea of Ben", which used to be some of his funny solutions to tricky issues of our discussion at our evening tea club meetings, still lingers in my mind. These ideas of Ben used to bring not only laughter amidst us but also transformed tensed evenings enjoyable and made the warring members forget the differences between them.

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