On Dynamics of Semiconjugated Entire Functions


  • University of Delhi, Department of Mathematics, Delhi, 110007, India


Let g and h be transcendental entire functions and let f be a continuous map of the complex plane into itself with f◦g = h◦f. Then g and h are said to be semiconjugated by f and f is called a semiconjugacy. We consider the dynamical properties of semiconjugated transcendental entire functions g and h and provide several conditions under which the semiconjugacy f carries Fatou set of one entire function into the Fatou set of other entire function appearing in the semiconjugation. We have also shown that under certain condition on the growth of entire functions appearing in the semiconjugation, the set of asymptotic values of the derivative of composition of the entire functions is bounded.


Semiconjugation, Normal Family, Wandering Domain, Bounded Type, Permutable, Asymptotic Value.

Subject Discipline

Mathematical Sciences

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