Covering Energy of Some Classes of Posets


  • S. S. V. P. S’s. Late Kr. Dr. P. R. Ghogrey Science College, P. G. Dept. of Mathematics, Dhule, 424-005, India
  • Pratap College, Amalner, Department of Mathematics,, Amalner, 425401, India


The concept of the covering energy of a poset is introduced and its bounds are given. We compute covering energy of some classes of posets like Sn, 2n. The posets Dk and D'k are defined and two recurrence relations for the characteristic polynomials of these posets are obtained. The energies of the posets D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5 are explicitly computed. The existence of some eigenvalues for some type of Dk and D'k is proved.


Covering energy of a poset, eigenvalues, spectrum, Boolean Lattice, Diamond, Dk and D'k

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