On Semiparallel and Weyl-Semiparallel LP-Sasakian Hypersurfeces of Kaehler Manifolds


  • D. D. U. Gorakhpur University, Department of Mathematics, Gorakhpur, India
  • Alwar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Department of Mathematics, Alwar, 301030, India


In this paper we studied semiparallel and Weyl-semi- parallel an LP-Sasakian hypersurfaces of Kaehler manifolds. We investi- gated that an LP-Sasakian hypersurfaces of a Kaehler manifold is semi- parallel if it is totally umbilical with negative unit mean curvature and the necessary condition for an LP-Sasakian hypersurfaces of Kaehler mani- folds is pseudo parallel if LH=1. Further such a hypersurface is Weyl- semiparallel if and only if it is Eta-Einstein manifold. We also studied the Quasi-umbilical hypersurfaces of an LP-Sasakian manifold and obtain several results.


LP-Sasakian Manifolds, Kaehler Manifold, Semiparellel, Weyl-Semiparallel and Quasi-Umbilical Hypersurfaces.

Subject Discipline

Mathematical Sciences

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