Numerical-Analytic Methods for Nonlinear Diffusion Type Differential Equations of Heat Transfer


  • University of Mysore, Department of Mathematics, Mysore, 570 00, India
  • Ghousia College of Engineering (G.C.E.), Department of Mathematics, 571 511, India


The present paper is on two Numerical-Analytic methods- (i) A combined method of Pade approximation and method of successive approximations and (ii) A combined method of Pade approximation and method of homotopy analysis. They provide typical approximate solutions for a singular boundary value problem for nonlinear diffusiontype differential equation of heat transfer.


Singular Boundary Value Problems of Heat Transfer, Nonlinear Diffusion Type Differential Equations, Methods of Pade Approximation, Methods of Successive Approximations, Methods of Homotopy Analysis.

Subject Discipline

Mathematical Sciences

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