Transformations of the Equation of Equilibrium for Isothermal Plane-Symmetric Configuration


  • Allahabad Agricultural Institute, Department of Physics, Allahabad, 211 007, India
  • Department of Physics, Allahabad Agricultural Institute, Allahabad, 211 007, India


We have discussed a few transformations which connect solutions of the isothermal equation (analogue of the Lane-Emden equation (LEE)) for plane-symmetric configuration in (μρ; νρ); (μp; νp); (μψ; νψ) planes and (yρ; zρ); (yp; zp); (yψ; zψ) planes. Approximate analytical solutions for (μψ; νψ) planes are tabulated following the technique of Pade′ approximants. Physical aspects of the problem and interpretations of the results have also been included.


Isothermal Equations, Plane Symmetric Configurations, Pade Approximation.

Subject Discipline

Mathematical Sciences

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