Ethnoveterinary Practices in Northcoastal Districts of Andhra Pradesh, India


  • Andhra University, Department of Botany, College of Science and Technology, Visakhapatnam, India


The present communication paper deals with some important medicinal plants used by tribal communities (Savara, Jatapu, Bagatas, Kondakapu, Kondadora, Mannedora, Valmiki and Kammara, etc.) to treat common veterinary diseases in Northcoastal districts of Andhra Pradesh, India. For ethnoveterinary practices, 78 species representing 68 genera and belonging to 42 families were identified. The common veterinary diseases in this region are abortion, anthrax, anorexia, bloat, cold and cough, constipation, diarrhoea, dog bite, dysentery, ephemeral fever, eye problems, foot and mouth disease, fractures, horn cancer, mastitis, retained placenta, renderpest, skin diseases, snake bite and wounds etc.


Ethnoveterinary Diseases, Medicinal Plants, Andhra Pradesh.

Subject Discipline

Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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