Effect of Leaves of Moringa oleifera on Biochemical and Physiological Parameters in Rats


  • PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Department of Physiology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 641004, India


Medicinal herbs are used in indigenous system of medicine for various diseases. Moringa oleifera has a high medicinal value which has been recognized. A study on the protective effect of Moringa oleifera leaf extract in acute arsenite induced toxicity in rats was evaluated. Moringa oleifera leaf extract (200 mg/kg body weight/day) obtained by cold maceration technique, was administrated orally to the albino rats. Its protective effect was determined on sodium arsenite induced changes in the blood cell counts, hemoglobin, cholesterol and sugar. Blood sample was collected by tail vein puncture. Rats given sodium arsenite only produced significant decrease in blood haemoglobin, red blood cell and white blood cell counts and increased the blood cholesterol and sugar levels when compared to control rats. Pretreatment with 200 mg/kg body weight of Moringa oleifera leaf extract markedly increased the blood cell counts and the haemoglobin. It also decreased the cholesterol and sugar values. The extract contains substances that acts as an antioxidant and prevents the damage produced by arsenite on various tissues.


Lipid Peroxidation, Medicinal Herbs, Moringa oleifera.

Subject Discipline

Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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