Performance and Emissions Characteristics of Diesel Engine Running on used Mustard Oil-Diesel Blends by Micro Emulsification as a Fuel


  • SASTRA University, School of Mechanical Engineering, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, 613401, India


This study describes preparation of biodiesel through micro emulsification of diesel with 15, 25 and 35% of used mustard oil and 2.5% of Triton-X100 as surfactant by volume. The prepared blends are designated as B15; B25 and B35.The physiochemical properties of blends were tested as per American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard and compared their properties with diesel. Experiments were conducted on single cylinder, 4 strokes, water cooled direct injection diesel engine fuelled by three different micro emulsified fuel blends. The results indicated that a slight decrease in the brake specific energy consumption and increase in brake thermal efficiency for B35 fuel compared to diesel fuel operation. Reduction in HC, CO2, CO and nitric oxide emission was observed for all test fuels compared to diesel fuel.


Diesel, Engine Performance, Surfactant, Used Mustard oil.

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