Lipid Nano-Particles in Medicine: Production, Stability and Drug Delivery – A Review


  • Acotrix Inc., MA, 02148, United States


The review broadly describes a number of important features relating to the recent advances of nano-formulations used for efficient delivery of medicinal components by using lipidbased nano-particles (LNP) as a carrier directed for cure or diagnostic purposes. The concept of lipidoic nano-carriers was primarily originated due to the advancing knowledge of colloid science which in time translates to the recent days' adaptation of nano-technology aiming to develop biocompatible formulations for efficient drug delivery purposes. The carrier-mediated delivery offers extraordinary advantages enabling to supply the drugs more effectively with added benefits of sustained release and enhanced level of bioavailability at desired sites, which are otherwise unattainable by any previous ways. Following a multitude of modern techniques a number of medicinal components are reformulated by packaging inside the LNPs thus rendering the process much tenable for achieving a speedy cure. To improve the efficiency further, the LNPs are intended to be target specific aiming for delivering the drug regimen specifically at the affected organs leaving others as much as possibly unharmed. This novel idea of targeted device makes likely to carry multiple drug regimens simultaneously reducing the toxic side effects especially when treating any tumors or diseases in the brain and consequently lowering the drugresistance effort. Therefore the mammoth usefulness of LNP in the field of formulation chemistry makes it an attractive subject in future for review or discussion concerning the production, stability and also the uniqueness involved in efficient drug delivery process.


Lipid Nano particle (LNP), Liposome, Colloidal Stability, Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB), DLVO Theory, Drug Delivery, Cohesive Energy Density (CED), P-Glycoprotein (PGP).

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