Synthesis and Characterization of Maleinized Linseed Oil Based Disinfectant Cleanser


  • North Maharashtra University, Department of Chemical Technology, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, 425 001, India


There is a good demand in the market for liquid surfactant preparations like white phenyl, floor cleanser and disinfectant liquids. All these cleansers are formulated basically with two objectives, viz., to be used as disinfectants (have strong action against microorganism/germs) and should clean the surface on which they are applied. Most of the commercial disinfectants available in the market are concentrated with phenolic and chlorinated compounds. In the present work we studied the maleinized linseed oil (MLO) synthesis methodology using novel catalyst such as sodium bisulphate and sodium bisulphite. Addition of 15% maleic anhydride by Diels- Alder mechanism at the double bonds as well as at the active methylene groups in linseed oil gave optimum desirable properties as signified by increase in acid value, decrease in iodine number and high viscosity of maleinized oil. This synthesized maleinzed oil after due analytical study was used in combination with pine oil, a natural disinfectant, in cleanser formulations. The formulated cleansers were analytically characterized and compared with commercial cleanser for pH, percentage solids, viscosity, surface tension, foaming characteristic, stability and phenol coefficient. The disinfectant cleanser formulated with 12.5% maleinized oil and 20% pine oil was found to have better characteristics in terms of stability and germicidal activity.


Maleinized Linseed Oil, Pine Oil, Disinfectant, Cleanser, Phenol Coefficient.

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