Study of CdS-ZnS Photocatalyst Loaded with Pd & Pt Embedded on Immobilized Matrix for Decomposition of Na2S-Na2SO3 Solution by Solar Energy using Different Sacrificial Substrates and Photosensitiser


  • University of Calcutta, Department of Chemical Technology, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700 009, India


Mixed CdS-ZnS photocatalyst (1 : 4 molar ratio) and Pt, Pd loaded mixed semiconductor photocatalysts immobilized on Whatmann No. 1 fitter paper matrix were prepared. Photocatalytic production of hydrogen from Na2S-Na2SO3 solution by immobilized photocatalyst using sacrificial agents like EDTA, oxalate, formate etc. and photosensitiser like Ru(bipy)3Cl2 were studied. The maximum photoproduction of hydrogen obtain when mixed CdS-ZnS loaded with Pt (1.5 wt%) photocatalyst immobilized in Whatman No.1 filter paper matrix was used with Ru (bipy)3Cl2.


Mixed CdS-ZnS, Hydrogen Production, Electron-Hole Transfer.

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