A Comparative Study of Novel Tribological Response of Hybrid Epoxy Composites Reinforced by MWCNT/ Graphene/Nanodiamond


  • VIT University, School of Mechanical Engineering, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, 632014, India


This paper investigates the tribological properties of MWCNT/Graphene (GnP)/ Nanodiamond (NDs) reinforced hybrid epoxy composites. In this paper, the hardness, surface roughness and wear properties of epoxy with MWCNT/NDs, Graphene/NDs, and MWCNT/ Graphene reinforced epoxy composites have been investigated using a Vicker hardness tester, surface roughness tester and reciprocating wear tester respectively. Hardness evaluated using the diagonal length (Hv, l) and by the indentation depth (Hv, d) of thermoset polymers, epoxy resin, was carried out. In addition filler, very much enhances the wear properties of the epoxy resin, by reducing the friction coefficient and wear rate. The result of different fillers on the tribological behaviour of an epoxy has been studied using untreated MWCNT, Graphene, NDs and mixture of MWCNT/NDs, Graphene/NDs and MWCNT/Graphene. Addition of filler greatly enhances the tribological properties of epoxy resin.


Epoxy, Graphene (GnP), MWCNTs, Nano-Diamond (NDs)

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