Study on Microstructure and EDAX Analysis of Al/SiC/Gr Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites


  • VIT Chennai, School of Mechanical Engineering and Building Sciences, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600 127, India


The objective of this endeavor is to investigate the influence of graphite particles addition to the Al/SiC composites manufactured by stir casting method. Al/SiC/Gr hybrid metal matrix composites are preferred replacement for single reinforced composites by virtue of strengthened mechanical and tribological properties. A layered SiC/Gr composite material is required in gas turbine combustor can. Al/SiC/Gr composites are required in bearings, and pistons due to selflubrication, low wear rate and less friction. The inclusion of both strong reinforcement like SiC and smooth reinforcement like graphite enhances hardness and wear resistance of aluminium composites. The reinforcement content of graphite was varied from 2.5 to 7.5 wt % in a step of 2.5 wt. The SiC was fixed at 5 wt. % for all the three specimens, and Al6061 was used as matrix base material. The microstructure and EDAX analyses were required for three samples of hybrid metal matrix composites. Vickers hardness and porosity decreases for Al/SiC/Gr hybrid composites when percentage of graphite content increases. A review of surface modification of Al/SiC/Gr was done to find the different materials used for coating hybrid composites.


Graphite, Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites (HMMCs), Microstructure and EDAX, Al6061, SiC

Full Text:


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