Synthesis and Characterization of Nano/Ultrafine Sized Silver Bromide Particles in Microemulsions


  • University of Delhi, Department of Chemistry, Delhi, 110007, India
  • University of Delhi, St. Stephen's College, Delhi, 110007, India
  • Institute of Pesticide Formulation Technology, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122016, India


Silver bromide nanoparticles of different sizes down to 5nm in diameter have been synthesized by mixing two microemulsions containing the precursor salts AgNO3 and KBr. The microemulsions used in the synthesis are composed of Triton X-100/1-hexanol/cyclohexane/water. This study focused on the various parameters controlling the size of silver bromide particles in nanometer range, such as W0 and concentration of the precursor salts. The size and morphology of the particles were ascertained by QELS and TEM. It was observed that the size of nanoparticles was always larger than the size of the aqueous core in which they are formed. In the W0, range, 5-20, there is an increase in the particle size with increase of the water pool size. However, with the increase in the concentration of either Ag+ or Br- ion, the size of the AgBr nanoparticles decreased significantly. Furthermore the morphology of the particles was not always the same and depends upon the reaction conditions at which the synthesis is carried out.


Reverse Micelle, Triton X-100, AgBr, Nanoparticles, Morphology.

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