Use of Micellar Titration for the Characterization and Determination of Crude Petroleum and Degree of Adulteration of Petroleum Products


  • Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., Kolkata, 700014, India
  • Forensic Science Laboratory (Govt. of WB), Kolkata, 700037, India
  • Jadavpur University, Department of Chemistry, Kolkata, 700032, India


In this communication, a very simple titrimetric technique using emulsification and deemulsification phenomena by the formation of micelles has been developed and the technique, which is termed as micellar titration, furnishes excellent results for the purpose of characterization of crude oil and determination of adulteration of petroleum products and the results agree very well when compared with that obtained by sophisticated instrumental methods. This micellar titration method is very much reproducible and can be done with common chemicals and every forensic science laboratory in our country can afford to use this procedure with success in the laboratory and in the field.


Micellar Titration, Crude Oil, Adulterated Petroleum, Analysis.

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