Kinetic Model for Nickel(II) Sorption on Fly Ash and Activated Fly Ash


  • Universiiy of Mumbai, Applied Chemistry Division, Department of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, 400 019, India


Fly ash, a solid waste of thermal power plants has been converted into an effective adsorbent. This was achieved by impregnation with Al(NO3)3 or FeCl3. The kinetics of Ni(II) adsorption on these materials were studied in details. A pseudo-second-order model was proposed and the validity of the model was tested for various experimental conditions to study the effect of initial Ni(II) concentration and temperature. The pseudo-second-order rate constants and the amount of Ni(II) sorbed at equilibrium have been determined using pseudo-second-order model and correlated with the experimental values. Equilibrium modeling has been carried out using Langmuir isotherm equations and the corresponding constants have been evaluated.


Ni(II), Fly Ash, Pseudo-Second-Order Model and Adsorption Isotherm.

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