Calculation of Conductance of Lipid Water Dispersion using Effective Medium Approximation


  • Dinabandhu Mahavidyalaya, Department of Physics, Bongaon, W. B., 743 235, India
  • Jogamaya Devi College, Department of Physics, Kolkata, 700 026, India
  • Jadavpur University, Department of Physics, Kolkata, 700 032, India


We present here the response of a lipid water dispersion to an applied ac field. The electrical study of the system shows that the conductance increases with the applied bias. However with increase in the frequency of the signal the variation of conductance is less pronounced. To explain the variation of the conductance at various frequencies, we have employed the effective medium approach. The results match with the experimental values to a good approximation.


Nonlinearity, Effective Medium Approximation, Lipid.

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