Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Catalysis in the Oxidation of Cyclohexanone and 2-Hydroxy Cyclohexanone by V(V)


  • Berhampur University, Department of Chemistry, Berhampur, Orissa, 760 007, India


Oxidation of cyclohexanone and 2-hydroxy cyclohexanone by vanadium (V) is moderately catalysed by sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) micelle in HClO4 midium. The kinetic features in presence of SLS are similar to that in absence of SLS. The catalysis by SLS has been rationalised by Menger and Portnoy model. Low binding constant suggests that the reactant molecule is bound to the micellar surface through the hydrophilic binding.


Vanadiunz (V), Micellar Catalysis, Cyclohexanone, 2-Hydroxy Cyclohexanone.

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