Albuminated Surfaces with Cyclic-AMP Release: Blood Compatibility


  • Sree Chitratirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Biosurface Technology Division, Trivandrum, 695012, India


Developing a small diameter Vascular graft (<5 mm diameter) for the replacement of coronary artery has still been a difficult task, even if the material satisfies all the requirements such as nontoxicity, sterilizability, non-inflamatory, mechanical stability, nondegradability and fabricability etc. The major problem is the thrombogenicity at the interface. We have made an attempt to develop a graft from polyether urethane urea with multilayer of albumin and simultaneous release of c-AMP (cyclic-AMP). The amounts of c-AMP released at various time intervals have been measured using a U. V. spectrophotometer at 265 mm. The reduction of platelets adhered onto the surfaces due to c-AMP release has also been investigated.

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