Studies on the clustering Behaviour of Water-Aerosol OT-Isooctane Microemulsions from their Low Frequency Permittivity Data


  • University of Delhi, Department of Chemistry, Delhi, 110007, India


The low frequency limiting permittivity of water-Aerosol OT-isooctane microemulsions containing additives like cholesterol and n-propanol have been measured over a temperature range 15-45°C. The concentration dependent polarizability data were always found to be equal to or higher than those calculated from the Clausius-Mossotti relation. The excess polarizability of the system has been explained in terms of a parameter which has been found to be dependent on the water permeability of the surfactant monolayer of the droplets. It has been concluded that the monolayer permeability allows the droplets to form clusters through a strong interdroplet interaction.


AOT, Microemulsion, Isooctane, Permittivity.

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