SEM Studies of Oxidised Polyethylene in Presence of Phase Transfer Catalyst


  • Indian Institute of Technology, Department of Chemistry, Kharagpur, 727302, India
  • I.A.C.S., Physical Chemistry Department, Calcutta, 700032, India


With a view to improve adhesion oxidative treatment of low-density polyethylene has been done using different phase transferred permanganate as oxidants which incorporate a variety of polar groups such as carbonyl, carboxyl, epoxy, ester and olefinic unsaturation onto the polymer suface. As a result the LDPE surface is considerably changed. The SEM pictures depict the surface topography as it varies with respect to the nature of the phase transfer catalyst. The surface roughness is found to increase in quantity as also in quality as the peel strength increases and the relative proportion of the polar groups changes.


SEM, Phase Transferred Permanganate, Polyethylene, Surface Topography.

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