Effect of Sodium Chloride Concentration on Phase Behaviour of Sodiumdodecysulphate/Pentanol/Water/Benzene System


  • Aligarh Muslim University, Department of Chemistry, Aligarh, 202002, India


Ternary phase diagrams for the system sodiumdodecylsulphate (SDS)-n-pentanol-water-benzene in the presence of sodium chloride have been produced at 25°C. The phase diagrams show existence of various phases as a result of variation of composition of components. The effect of [NaCl] on various phase regions of the phase diagrams was studied in the light of structural changes and inversion of phases. Various overall compositions were chosen within the clear homogeneous regions and the effect of NaCl concentration was studied on phase separation and phase volumes of various phases. The nature of the separated phases has been also described. The existence of various microstructures in the isotropic single phase region 'L' at a number of compositions of the system was detected by conductivity measurements simply by varying the concentration of water and/or benzene.


Microemulsion, Phase Diagram, Microstructure, Surfactant, Micelle.

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