Thermodynamics of Micellization of Some Nonionic Surfactants in Water


  • Indian Institute of Technology, Department of Chemistry, New Delhi, 110016, India


The enthalpies of solution (̅H2-H02) of some nonionic surfactants polyoxyethylene alkyl ethers (C10E4C10E5, C10E6, C10E8, C12E8) and Triton X-100, in water have been measured calorimetrically in pre-CMC and post-CMC regions in the temperature range 283.15 to 328.15 K. From the enthalpies of solution data have been derived the enthalpy of micellization, ΔHm, the heat capacities of monomeric ΔCPmono and micellar forms ΔCPmic as well as the heat capacities of micellization ΔCPm. The effect of temperature and size of the polar head and non-polar groups of the surfactants has been discussed in terms of the contributions of hydrophobic, hydrophilic and hydrogen bonding interactions. The ΔCPm values indicate that there is an appreciable water penetration into the micellar core.


Thermodynamics, Micellization, Enthalpy, Heat Capacity, Surfactants, Polyoxyethylene Alkyl Ethers.

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