Evaluation of Cryogenic CO2 as a Coolant and Optimization of Surface Roughness in Conventional Milling of HCHCR (AISI D3) Die Steel and CVD TiN Coated Insert Using Taguchi Technique


  • Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research (BIHER), Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600073, India
  • Sriram College of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chennai, 602024, India
  • Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research (BIHER), Department of Automobile Engineering, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 602024, India


The present investigation comprised of experimental study of conventional milling of AISI D3 Steel and Tin coated inserts by using cryogenic CO2 as a coolant. The main objective of the analysis was to use the Taguchi technique to detect the impact of dynamic parameter viz. Cutting speed, feed, depth of the cut on the roughness of the work piece material. The goal was to comparatively study under dry and wet conditions and observe the effect of cryogenic CO2 as a coolant with CVD TiN coated as a insert tool. Finally cutting temperature, roughness, Material Removal Rate (MRR) and tool wear were measured. Finally SEM observation was made to analyze the tool wear and the data was complied into MINITAB -17 for Taguchi analysis. Mainly surface roughness and MRR were investigated employing Taguchi design.


Cryogenic Milling CO2, Methodology, Surface Roughness, Taguchi Technique

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