Indian Contribution to Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) Pulse Crop Research: A Scientometric Analysis


This paper attempts to quantitatively analyse the growth and development of Pigeonpea Pulse Crop research in India in terms of publication output as reflected in CAB Direct Online Database. During the period 1974-2014 scientists of India published a total of 3534 papers on the subject. The most preferred journals were the International Pigeonpea Newsletter with 272 papers (7.69%) followed by Indian Journal of Agronomy with 214 papers (6.05%). The study revealed that Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Indian Journal of Pulses Research, Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities contributed 415 papers (11.72%) of Indian research output on Pigeonpea Pulse Crop.


Agricultural Research, CAB Direct, Pigeonpea Pulse Crop, Research Journals, Scientometrics.

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