Analysis of Subject Gateways with Special Emphasis on ‘Jute-Gate’


A detailed survey of 166 subject gateways across the world was conducted to check for existence of any subject gateway on Jute fibre. In addition to that, 54 websites on Jute were also examined for assessing the volume and quality of jute-related information. A comparative analysis of 15 jute-related databases, information systems and subject gateways was also conducted for assessing the uniqueness of prototype subject gateway on Jute (i.e. ‘Jute-Gate’) in disseminating qualitative Jute information to stakeholders. It was found that, out of 166 subject gateways that existed between 1996 and 2017, 102 were active and 64 were closed as on 31.03.2017. Average age of the active gateways was 14.52 years though 5 gateways were found to have existed for 21 years and 3 gateways lasted for only 1 year. It was concluded that number of gateways is dependent on the subject category but average age of subject gateways is independent of subject category. It was also found that no dedicated subject gateway for jute fibre is available and the proposed prototype ‘Jute-Gate’ is a pioneering effort.


Subject Gateway, Survey, Subject Gateway Analysis

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