Quality of Work Life among Library Professionals: A Study of Determinant Factors


Employees’ mental discernment of the physical and psychological desirability in the work place is termed as Quality of Work Life (QWL). There are numerous aspects in the work environment that add to QWL which can be directly related to work conditions. A better working environment leads to gratified employees. Better organizational performance, effectiveness, innovativeness, etc. can be achieved through high QWL. QWL improves the family life as well as work life of an individual. ICT innovations have brought changes within the work environment of library professionals. This paper aims to measure the QWL of Library Professionals to identify the relation between QWL of library professionals and factors such as interpersonal relationship, status, service conditions, promotional policies, and motivation for employee’s future role and develop skills. For this purpose library professionals working in Engineering Institutes of Jaipur region have been surveyed Likert’s 5-point scale has been used. A questionnaire was used for data collection which has been analyzed using statistical techniques such as Weighted Arithmetic Mean (WAM), standard deviation, chi-square test, and t-Test.


Interpersonal Relationship, Library Professionals, Organizational Culture, Promotional Policies, Service Conditions, Status, Quality of Work Life (QWL)

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