Growth and Development of LIS Education in India


  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Centre for Library and Information Management Studies, Mumbai, 400088, India
  • G. J. Advani Law College (University of Mumbai), Mumbai, 400050, India


The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the recent trends and development of LIS education and training in India. It has noted that first decade of 21st century was notable for library and information science education in India. A number of universities and institutions have initiated library and information science education and training program. Many universities and institutions have changed the nomenclature of LIS program, revised the curriculum, shifted from certificate course to master degree program to research study, and international collaboration. It is observed that many LIS schools have changed their curricula from minor tinkering to full revision, from traditional course to digital course. LIS schools opened-up for more interdisciplinary, more practical/practice oriented rather than theoretical classes, and also come forward for international collaboration. But, some of the LIS schools still suffer for their existence due to traditional course curricula, lack of infrastructure, lack of computer lab, and lack of teaching faculty and staff. An attempt has been made in this paper to review the trends of LIS education in India under three important phases; genesis of LIS education; LIS education during 1947-2014; and emerging trends in the new millennium in order to cover the important milestones that occurred in Indian LIS education.The literature that informs the study came from a wide range of sources.The paper provides useful current information to inform LIS professionals, fraternities, researchers, students and other stakeholders on the growth and development of LIS education in India. The article provides latest information regarding universities, institutions and colleges those imparting education, research and training program in library and information studies.


Distance Education, India, Librarianship, LIS Education.

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Library Management

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