SRELS Journal of Information Management - History and Contributions: A Golden Jubilee Review


  • Bangalore University, Department of Library and Information Science and Officer-in-charge, IT Centre, Bangalore, 560 056, India


The SRELS Journal of Information Management was started in 1964 with the title Library Science with a Slant to Documentation under the sponsorship of the Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science (SRELS). It is now a peer reviewed periodical. With the advent of e-publishing, keeping with the trend, an online version is also available. At the beginning the papers mainly focused on the research conducted at DRTC in particular, Library Classification and Library Cataloguing, Documentation and gradually extended its coverage to new areas of interest e.g. Computer Applications, Library Management and Information Systems. During the 1970's, when CSIR/NISSAT was launched, special issues devoted to Information Systems - planning and organization, were brought out. Now the periodical is fully multidisciplinary, covering all facets of Library and Information Science (LIS). This paper attempts to map the subjects of the papers of this periodical which has spanned the last fifty years. The analysis would serve as a check list for the areas of current and traditional subject interests in the field of LIS. The paper will also highlight the important contributions this periodical has made for the progress and development of LIS during the last fifty years.


Library Science, Information Science, Library Science with a Slant to Documentation, Srels Journal of Information Management, Subject Analysis.

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Library Management

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