Impact of ICT on Job Satisfaction among University Library Professionals of West Bengal: A Comparison Study


  • Bolpur Sailabala Girls' High School, WB, India
  • University of Burdwan, Department of Library & Information Science, WB, 713104, India


This study has compared job satisfaction as well as impact of ICT on job satisfaction among five university library professionals. To conduct this study survey method has been followed. Due to poor response of RBU and NBU, only four universities have taken for this study. Data analysis has done by using MS-Excel software. Results shows that Library professionals of all the universities are more or less satisfied to work in ICT environment. But they are dissatisfied with salary, benefits as well as promotional policies of the universities. Professionals of all the universities seem that training facilities are very poor. It is also seen from the study that professionals of CU and JU are more satisfied to work in ICT environment compared to other universities.


Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Job Satisfaction, University Library Professionals.

Subject Discipline

Digital Libraries

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