Use of Electronic Information Resources and Search Pattern by the Faculty of Autonomous Engineering Colleges in Karnataka: A Survey


  • University of Mysore, Department of Studies in Library and Information Science, Mysore, 06, India


The present study was carried at autonomous engineering institutions affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University in Karnataka to examine the factors that affect the optimum utilization of electronic information resources and search pattern. The study mainly focused on the use of different types of Electronic Information Resources by the faculty, Source of Awareness, Learn to use, problems faced, purpose of use, preferred search engines and search methods for effective retrieval of Electronic Information Resources. For this purpose the researchers prepared a well structured questionnaire as a tool for data collection and the collected questionnaire has been analyzed and presented with useful percentage analysis and suitable tables for presentation of data. The article concluded with summaries of the results highlighting the major findings and suggestions.


Electronic Information Resources, Information Search Pattern, E-resources, Electronic Environment, Search Techniques.

Subject Discipline

Digital Libraries

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