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After the retirement in December 2011 of its long term editor Dr. Joseph Miller (ed.15, 1994--ed.20, 2010), this new edition is bit late by its earlier cycle of three year revisions started since the Sears-14 (1991). This edition by the new editor Ms. Barbara A Bristow is also the first to be published by the EBSCO which in 2011 acquired its founding publisher and proprietor H.W. Wilson Co., and since January 2012 the Sears is edited from its EBSCO office at Ipswich, MA. The EBSCO is a famous research content provider and has more resources in the form of databases, e-books and e-journals. This acquisition provides Sears more literary warrant base to bank upon. One wonders if this acquisition will prove as beneficial as the OCLC was to the DDC research, growth and popularity. Only time will tell.

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