Use of Electronic Information Resources by the Doctoral Students of Calicut University


  • University of Calicut, Department of Library and Information Science, Kerala, India


In recent years, e-resource has become most popular sources of information for the teachers, professionals, students and doctoral students. This paper aims to investigate the use, awareness, purpose of use, frequency of use, reason for using e-resources, satisfaction level, and problems facing while accessing e-resources by the doctoral students in Calicut University campus. A comparison of Science and Non-Science doctoral students about the use of e-resources can also be made by the study. Majority of Science and Non-Science doctoral students surf the internet every day. They opined that e-resources improve quality of their work but lack of accessibility and lack of training of e-resources are the main problems faced by the doctoral students while accessing e-resources.


Doctoral Students, E-Resources, Internet.

Subject Discipline

Digital Libraries

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