Journal of Genetics: A Bibliometric Study


  • Sahyadri Arts and Commerce College, Shimoga, Karnataka, 577203, India
  • Govt. First Grade College, 562 120, India


The present study discusses about the information use pattern of Indian Geneticists. The study found that journals are heavily cited as compared to other forms of documents. It is evident from the study that the trend is towards team research. Multi authors lead over single author. United States contributes more number of articles in this subject. Around 48% of the journals cited are from United States. It is observed from the study that more number journals cited are of the period between 1996 and 2000 followed by 2001-2006 and 1990-1995. Therefore it can be deduced that current literature is more important for research in this subject field. It is observed from the study that „Genetics‟ is the most heavily cited journal followed by „Science‟, both are from United States. The Indian journal, Journal of Genetics is in the 14th place. Literature as old as 174 years have also been cited.


Bibliomertics, Genetics, Authorship Pattern, Core Journals.

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