Book Reviews Published in Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research during 2002-2007:A Quantitative Study


  • College of Agriculture, Thiruvananthapuram, 695522, India


Sixty seven book reviews published in Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research during 2002-2007 are quantitatively analysed in this study. The scrutiny of data revealed that 70% of the books reviewed were original works. Nearly 50% of the works were single authored. Documents reviewed comprised monographs (94%), yearbook, reviews and special issue of journal. About 60% of the books were published from New Delhi. 19 publishers were responsible for publishing 67 books. Response Books, a division of Sage publications alone had published 29 books coming to the top position. Price range of 44% Indian books were within Rs.251-500. Thirty one scientists belonging to 14 institutions were responsible for the review works. Pagination of books ranges from 100 to mote than 1000 pages. Books containing 201-300 pages accounted for 39%. Broad classification showed that books on applied sciences accounted for about 50%


Book Review, Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research.

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