Academics Attitude towards E-publishing: a Study with Reference to Universities of Punjab and Chandigarh


  • Guru Nanak Dev University, Department of Library and Information Science, Amritsar, 143005, India


The paper examines academic attitude towards publishing in e-journals, to determine the contribution of scholars towards and publishing in e-journals. A questionnaire method was adopted to elicit the opinions of the faculty members. Personal interviews were conducted to fill in the gaps. Responses were gathered from 542 faculty members of five universities. The results of the study show that a majority of the teachers prefer to publish in printed refereed journals. Most of the teachers publish articles for „career advancement‟, „advancement of new ideas‟ and „dissemination of results‟ and. the choice of journals for publication with more weightage, such as the „reputation of the journal‟, The „speed in accepting and publishing‟, „convenience‟, „easy and faster to reach appropriate audience‟, „quick response to ideas‟, „wider dissemination of results/ideas‟ and „hyperlinks to references‟ are stated by majority of teachers as advantages of publishing in e-journals. The teachers are also concerned about the disadvantages of epublishing such as; „copyright concerns‟, „plagiarism‟, „not refereed‟, „require technical skill‟ and „transient‟. On the basis of the findings, some suggestions have been put forward to make e-journals more acceptable to the scholars.


E-publishing, Academics Attitude, Universities, India, Punjab, Chandigarh.

Subject Discipline

Library Management

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