Changing Roles of the Librarians in the Virtual/digital Era


  • Mysore University, University Library, Mysore, India


The article deliberates on the changing role of the librarians in the virtual/digital era. Electronic information creates challenges for the library community at its very foundation, moving it away from the traditional paper-and-print format to an ethereal world of circuits and connectivity. Now the concept of the library doesn‟t remain as a building or a physical repository that houses information. It has reached beyond the four walls of buildings. Librarians have a long history of adopting technology to enhance services. Librarians have changed themself from using early typewriters to the present internet. We are entering the virtual library phase and librarians have to use the changing technology to provide the best access and service to their patrons. Librarians are professionals trained in the acquisition, organization, retrieval, and dissemination of information. In essence, the practice of librarianship in the virtual library environment will not be very different from that in the traditional print-based library. Virtual library is not the ultimate answer to everyone's information needs. It is merely another step in a dynamic and evolutionary process. The traditional print library and its services will not disappear. Librarians must accept and adapt to the new techniques and systems. They must recognize the enormous potential of the virtual library, address the issues involved in its creation, and take a leadership role in integrating these new systems and services into libraries, for their own good and for the good of users.


Librarian, Digital Era, Changing Role.

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Library Management

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