Installing NewGenLib:Open Source Library Automation Package


  • Indian Institute of Science, National Centre for Science Information, Bangalore, 560 012, India
  • Raman Research Institute of Science, Bangalore, India


With the Open Source Software (OSS) initiative catching up, there are many Integrated Library Automation Packages (ILAP) available. These OSS- ILAPs are comparable with any commercial ILAP. However, the success of any OSS mainly depends on the availability of the manuals and technical support. NewGenLib in an ILAP and was released in March 2005 as commercial software but declared OSS in January 2008. However, there is no detailed installation manual available. Hence an effort is made here to give a detailed step by step procedure for NewGenLib installation both on Windows and Linux operating systems. The study was carried out in 2008 and two workshops were conducted during January and August 2009 and more than 50 professionals were trained. The workshop contents can be viewed at:


Open Source Software (OSS), Integrated Library Automation Package (ILAP), NewGenLib, Installation Procedure.

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Digital Libraries

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