Vision of Library in Tagoreana: a Study


  • Institute of Education, West Bengal, 731 235, India
  • Kalyani University, Department of Library and Information Science, West Bengal, 731 235, India


Ever since Rabindranath Tagore conceived the idea of Visva-Bharati, development of library for collection, preservation and dissemination of knowledge were an integral part of his institution. His concern in this regard is amply reflected in many of his speeches and writings wherein his concern for both philosophical as well as functional aspects of library service finds a poignant place. As a man of action, Rabindranath tried to give his vision of library a concrete shape along with the establishment of his experimental school at Santiniketan and institute of rural development at Sriniketan. The present paper aims to recapture the vision of one of the most sensitive minds in the field of library service by applying principles of literature search and bibliometrics. It is observed from the study that all aspects of library science have been reflected in his writings in all kinds of literary forms.


Rabindranath Tagore, Visva-Bharati, Tagoreana, Library, Chalantika, Bibliometrics

Subject Discipline

Library Management

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