Information Resources and Services in Public Libraries in Gulbarga District, Karnataka State, India: Users' Perspective


  • Gulbarga University, Department of Library and Information Science, Gulbarga, 585 106, India


A survey of use of information resources and services in Public Libraries in Gulbarga district was undertaken with questionnaire as a data collection tool. Nine branch libraries located in taluka headquarters in Gulbarga district, Karnataka State were selected and 50 questionnaire were distributed in each library under study. Out of 450 questionnaire distributed, 259 users responded (57.7%). The main purpose of the study was to evaluate effectiveness of public libraries from users' point of view. The findings include that majority of the users are men and between 11 - 30 years of age. Students, Job holders in private / public undertakings were the regular visitors to the library, who visited the library daily or at least once in two days, mainly to read newspapers and magazines. Users from lower and middle income group use public library services very frequently (either daily or once in two days). Most of them have completed 12 years of schooling or undergraduate degree. Newspapers and Magazine and Reading Room Service are the most frequently used information resources and services respectively. Majority of the users are fairly satisfied with information resources. Only two women (0.77%) and 04 men above 60 years of age (1.54%) visited library during study period. Majority of the respondents are either neutral or not satisfied with Book Lending and Reference Service. The results clearly indicate the need for public libraries to strengthen their document collection and create a better ambience to attract more users from all age groups and gender. More trained personnel are necessary to manage the document collection efficiently and offer innovative library services.


Public Library, Gulbarga, Users Study, Branch Libraries, Information Resources, Library Services.

Subject Discipline

Library Management

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