Online Reference Zone: a Gateway to Reference Resources in Science and Technology


  • Raman Research Institute, Sri C.V. Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, 560 080, India
  • ISRO Head Quarters Library, 560 231, India


A gateway named „Online Reference Zone‟ has been designed, developed and hosted on the Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore centre library in an effort to enhance visibility of open source online reference sources in science and technology. . The portal lists the open access online reference resources in select subjects which will be of great use to the scientific community at large. The paper explains the process of compiling comprehensive lists of open access reference resources in select subjects in Science and Technology like Physics, Chemistry, etc. The paper explains the federated search facility which searches the given web pages at the same time has been built and also an additional feature called „Share a Link!‟ which lets the user to submit relevant links related to the site.


Online Reference Resource, Open Access, Science And Technology, Web Based Information Service, Gate Way, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Technology.

Subject Discipline

Digital Libraries

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