Use of Reading Materials in Engineering College Libraries in Karnataka State, India: a Study


  • Gulbarga University, Department of Library and Information Science, Gulbarga, 585 106, India
  • Karnataka State Women’s University, Department of Library and Information Science, Bijapur, Karnataka, India


Library use study helps in understanding the pattern of use of reading materials and provides basis for developing need-based document collection and redesigning their services. Results of the study of use of reading materials by B.E. and M.Tech. students, and teachers, and opinion of librarians regarding the use of reading materials by students and teachers in 50 Engineering Colleges in Karnataka State, including three deemed universities are presented. Majority of students and teachers visit library at least once in a week and on an average, they spend less than two hours during each visit. Purpose of visit to library is mainly to borrow text books. Students and teachers vary in their approach to locate reading materials in the library. Students directly go to the shelves and search for reading materials, while teachers consult OPAC to locate required reading materials. Students are found to use informal channels like discussion with friends and teachers, while teachers depend more on books and journals to satisfy their information needs. While B.E. students use reading materials mainly to prepare for examination and seminars, M.Tech. students use them for completing their project work. Teachers use the reading materials in the library mainly for teaching, preparation of research articles and research project reports. Text books and Indian journals are the most frequently used documents in the library. All the users are satisfied with the text book collection and Indian journals in their libraries. A strong positive association is found in the opinion among students, teachers and librarians regarding the above aspects, except the adequacy of document collection where there is only a marginal association.


Library Use Study, Use of Reading Materials.

Subject Discipline

Library Management

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