Information and Knowledge Management


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  • K.L.E Societies College of Pharmacy, Bangalore, 560010, India


Though literature on information and knowledge management is vast, there is much confusion concerning the meaning of these terms. According to the literature review, technology-oriented information management includes data management, information technology management and strategic information technology management. The main emphasis of these approaches is the effective and efficient use of information technology. In contrast, content-oriented approaches focus on information and its use. They can be distinguished in records management, provision of external information, human-centered information management, and information resources management. The reading of the literature on knowledge management reveals that this term is either used synonymously for information management or for the management of work practices with the goal of improving the generation of new knowledge and the sharing of existing knowledge. This article identifies various aspects that are embraced by the terms information and knowledge management. Thus, it should contribute to more terminological clarity and finally improve communication both in science and in professional practice. In this sense, the author hopes that this article will not only contribute to more terminological clarity but have further positive implications.


Information Technology, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Information and Knowledge Management, Terminological Clarity.

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