Use of Winisis for Compiling Abstract of Dissertations Submitted by all Faculties of Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu:An Attempt


  • Annamalai University, Department of Library and Information Science, Tamilnadu, India


Communication is critical to enable the process of making information useful and usable. It has to be shared, transmitted or perceived for actions, or decisions to be taken, shaped or influenced. Information must be stored in any one of the formats. When we decide to build a database for our institution, the selection of database is an essential one. There are plenty of packages, which are commercially available. But they do not satisfy all the requirements of the user. WINISIS package offers a wonderful solution to this. This paper encompasses a proposal to build a database for the compilation of dissertation abstracts of all faculties submitted to Annamalai University along with the structured flow chart. [Annexure-1]


WINISIS, Dissertation Database, Abstract Compilation.

Subject Discipline

Library Management

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