Information Seeking Patterns of Researchers in the University Libraries in Karnataka State


  • Mangalore University, Department of Library and Information Science, Karnataka, India


Information is an essence of research. University libraries play an important role in providing information to the researchers. The researchers seek for information in different patterns. In the present study the authors have made an attempt to know the information seeking patterns of the researchers of various disciplines in the university libraries in Karnataka State. The questionnaire method was adopted to collect data. 59.98% responses have been received. The study identified the preferences of the researchers over channels of information, various modes of literature search, purpose of visit, type of information gathered, frequency of library visit and time spent in the library. The chi-square test was applied to find out the significant relationships on the opinion of the researchers among the disciplines. The results show that there is significant difference among the research scholars of various disciplines in the preferences of various channels of information, modes of literature search, purpose of visit to the library time spent in the library and modes of communication.


University Libraries, Researchers, Information Seeking Behavior, Channels of Information, Modes of Communication

Subject Discipline

Library Management

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