Free E-Journals in Agriculture


  • National Research Centre for Soybean (ICAR), Indore, MP, 452017, India
  • Vikram University, SS Library and Information Science, Ujaain, MP, 10, India


Agriculture research is a continuous process and requires updated inflow of concord knowledge, which is generally managed through libraries in research institutions. The inflow of knowledge can be achieved through different types of sources such as books, journals, research reviews, electronic media etc. However, most of them involve cost and may not be affordable by every one. But the information on online journals free of cost has fulfilled the dream of those researchers who were not able to afford subscription to these journals. There is need to enlist such journals so that the information with respect to such journals is easily available to researchers. This paper presents the importance of free e-journals available in the field of agriculture and also consolidate the list of 202 e-journals with their website address.


Electronic Journals, Free E-Journals, Agriculture.

Subject Discipline

Digital Libraries

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