Public Libraries and Science Awareness


  • Bhavan’s Gangabux Kanoria Vidyamandir, Kolkata, 97, India
  • University of Calcutta, Dept. of Library and Information Science, Kolkata, 96, India


Science Awareness is vital for every individual in a society and every category of people in a community. Public Library has ample scope, multidimentional modes and approaches, aids and tools at its end to ensure science awareness. It plays a leading role in taking up various sociological issues at all strata of society and community. The nature and extent of science awareness varies from an urban to a rural one, moulding its services accordingly. Technological advancement and IT mobilization provides wider perspective, giving a thrust towards fulfillment of its goal. However, lacunae still exist which needs to be traced out and possible efforts are to be applied for making the public libraries a pivotal centre in the science awareness programme of a country.


Scientific Facts, Preventive Care, Tangible Heritage, Communication, Scientific Literature, Un-Scientific Facts, Science Literacy.

Subject Discipline

Library Management

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