AB's Coefficient of Dispersion in Some Branches of Physics


  • The University of Burdwan, Departemt of Library and Information Science, Burdwan, West Bengal, 713104, India


The paper studies the scatter of journal literature in physics. 4916 references from 38 PhD theses of Physics (Electronics, Nuclear Physics, Optics and Solid State Physics) submitted to the University of Burdwan during 1981 to 1995 are studied. The number of journals required to fulfil 25%, 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% of demands in various subjects and periods are identified.

To quantify the scatter of last 10% of references in large number of journal titles, a new scale named AB's Coefficient of Dispersion (ABDISC) is introduced as given below:

d=(y-x)/y where, 'd'= AB's Coefficient of Dispersion (ABDISC),

'x' = number of journal titles required to satisfy 90% of the references and 'y' = number of journals titles required to cover 100% of the references in the subject. ABDISC will indicate the portion of the total journal titles required to satisfy the last 10% of need in a subject or the so-called residual need that can be fulfilled by inter library loan/document delivery service.


AB's Coefficient of Dispersion, ABDISC, Residual Need, Scattering, Dispersion, Journal Ranking, Citation Analysis, Physics, Electronics, Nuclear Physics, Optics, Solid State Physics.

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